The 7 day do’s and don’ts

This is my attempt at a “what went well and what went wrong”, so let’s get right into it.

The first day was a bit hectic with plans flying around both my wife’s head and mine, even more so after we discovered the sinful 7drl theme generator, we were just oozing ideas but we needed to make a decision.

So we did what any normal and sane team would do and threw out all the new ideas and went with an old idea we had for a previous game we wanted to work on, didn’t see that one coming did you.  Do be decisive and try and knock out the theme and mechanics ideas a week or so before the comp even starts.

The next few days I spent figuring out how to work the new twine2 while my wife started on the sketches for the planned rooms. Don’t try a new developing platform while entering a competition the stress levels are high enough and motivation can dwindle quicker than water in a desert.

So by this time my wife had finished two sketches I’m still day dreaming about the awesome mechanics that have not been started on, I procrastinate a lot as you will see in the coming paragraphs.

On day five my wife reminds me of the time left, interrupting my YouTube related procrastination. A familiar dread fills my gut and I finally start working on the room’s vanilla dialogue.

Don’t procrastinate, start even if it is just on something small, it will lead to something bigger later on.

After all the grunt work was done it was time to move on to the puzzles.  Looking up from my desk on day six and seeing my wife hard at work, juggling her artwork and the care of our baby boy. It was inspiring, to say the least! Do have a partner that you know you can rely on.

Struggling to think of puzzles on my own and my wife busy being a super mum I had to make a plan to finish up the puzzles quick.

I realised as the prehistoric man had fire I have the Internet, a few Google searches and grunts later and I was swimming in puzzles I could choose from. Implementing them was fairly easy and only took up the rest of day six; do use the Internet as a resource if you are struggling.

On the seventh day of 7drl, my wife gave to me six awesome sketches… Well, you know how the song goes.

It was now time for final testing, is what I would have liked to say but the battle system still had to been created and tested, so with a fever pitch I scoured the Internet in search of an example of a battle system and came up short every time.  Finally, it was decided to create one from scratch, sticking to what I have learnt about twine2 thus far I found it was not that difficult.

With the battle system up and running although crude it did what we needed, my wife and I play tested it a few times and removed any grammar and spelling mistakes that we could see.

Don’t leave the big systems for last, if you get stuck or frustrated work on the small easy stuff but jump into the bigger or more complicated stuff early on especially if it plays a role in the game.

So that’s it from the LittleBears and what we have learned from the 7drl, as for the teamwork I might write another entry about that later.

PS. We completed the game SUCCESS!


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